Debonair Body Butter Cucumber Melon Body Butter Body Butter
Herbal foot soak Herbal Foot Salve Sandalwood Vanilla Body Butter
Herbal Foot Soak
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Herbal Foot Salve
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Tropical Explosion Combo

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Tropical Explosion Combo
Tropical Explosion Body Shimmer Scrub & Body Butter Combo consists of your choice body scrub(12oz), natural body butter (8oz)! A duo that's sure to moisturize and soften your skin. Tropical fruit fragranced body scrub and butter that's sure to please!
Sets also available in Apricot Freesia, Coconut Lemongrass, Pink Sugar, and Sandalwood Vanilla sets.

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Clean Cut Body Butter
Tropical Explosion Body Butter
Coconut Lemongrass body scrub
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Tropical Explosion Body Scrub
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